The Sri Lankan Monument

The Sri Lankan Monument refers to the true saga of the Sri Lankan national league handball team. The group of 23 sportsmen from Sri Lanka arrived in Germany in September 2004. After playing a single game in Bavaria/Germany they suddenly seemed to have  disappeared. After a period of investigations it became clear that a national handball league never even existed in Sri Lanka.

The sculpture addresses the spectacular disappearance as a political relevant act. On the acoustic level the story will be revealed from different perspectives. Over an FM-radio-transmitter three different voices will tell and comment the event. This amongst others includes an interview with the German coach of the Sri Lankan Team, describing his experiences with the unexpected immigrants.

This incident describes an exception in the history of “illegal migration” in several ways. Obvious is the temporary swap of roles in the balance of power between sovereign state and illegal immigrant. The narration itself has the potential to act as a blueprint for a modern myth, worth to be kept in our collective memory.

The Sri Lankan Monument (Duration 13’15) | Material: Wood, Copper, Artificial Flowers, Steel Plate Vases, Pedestals, Radio Set, FM-Transmitter, Dvd-Player, 5-Channel Audio System | Audio Material: Speech, Field Recordings of Transitional Spaces on the route from Colombo/Sri Lanka to München/Germany. | Dimensions: Apprxm. 6 x 6 x 4m wdh | Year: 2009